It's a shock to realise what goes into cheaper Ice Cream.  A quick and good indication of quality is the weight of the tub. As in most cases, you get what you pay for!


Yes, the recipes differ for each flavour - but not the quality of ingredients or the way it is made.


How do you like your Ice Cream?

We have three ranges to tempt you...

Individuals Ice Creams

Unique and unashamedly remarkable.  Few Ice Cream companies can offer a range of Great Taste Award winning flavours!  These little pots, and now our new 500ml 'To Share' pots, ooze with character from the first mouthful to the last.

Individuals Sorbets

Made with fruit, whole fruit and nothing but the fruit - plus sugar, water, and pasteurized egg whites.

Farmer Bill's

Fabulously cool,  packed with chunks and ripple sauces, this funky Ice Cream has a place in everyone's freezer!

Creamy, smooth and deeply satisfying - our Ice Cream is made as it should be.






Do you want to know the secret?

We will tell you how on the following pages...