Our Ice Cream is hand made and it takes quite a while to make - but that's why it tastes so good!  Because ingredients are so important to us we make as much here as possible, including caramel and chocolate sauce.

Our flavours are fabulously cool and are loved by everyone who tries them.  Which is your favourite?

We are always looking for suggestions for new recipes - email us and let us know your ideas!

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special hand made farmer bills ice cream

The secret to making Farmer Bill's Ice Cream is...

...Our day starts very early at 5.30am when we crack over 12 trays of free range eggs.  The egg yolks are then mixed with fresh milk and cream from Marybelle Dairy in a very, very large stainless steel saucepan called a pasteuriser.  To this we add golden caster sugar and a handful of other ingredients to make a custard.  This mixture is heated up to a high temperature to zap any bacteria and then cooled rapidly to chill the mixture.  This is then infused overnight to help make our Ice Cream so lovely and creamy.

...the next day we do the 'fun bit' - making the Ice Cream!

We stir in lots of wonderful ingredients to our custard.  Pureed strawberries, melted chocolate, and vanilla extract to name but a few.

Once mixed, the custard is poured into a special Italian ice cream freezing machine.  This gently whips and freezes it into tasty smooth creamy Ice Cream which takes about 10 minutes.  Depending on the flavour we then stir in lots of other wacky things - chocolate flakes, chunks of honeycomb, home made caramel sauce, mint choc chip pieces ......

And then,

...we spoon all of the yummy Ice Cream into different sized pots and decorate the tops so they look lovely.  These are then frozen in our blast freezer which gets them really cold very quickly.  And that is it!

Handmade by us for you to enjoy!

Now you know the secret...you can pass it on!

What's your flavour?

Chocolate (Supreme Champion Great Yorkshire Show)
Single Origin Ecuador chocolate with chunks of chocolate flakes

Honeycomb Crunch (**Great Taste Award 2014)
Large chunks of honeycomb rippled with home made caramel sauce

Mint Choc Chip
Minty chocolate pieces mixed into refreshingly minty ice cream

Pureed Elstana strawberries grown locally with a hint of Aspall's balsamic vinegar

Rich and smooth toffee stashed with butterscotch pieces

Gently mixed with Madagascan vanilla this is smooth, creamy and scrummy