Many say that the first Ice Cream is credited to Emperor Nero of Rome. It was a mixture of snow, nectar, fruit pulp and honey.

Nowadays, all sorts of things are put into mass produced Ice Cream - have a look at the labels and see!

We just keep tasting!
"It's a job that has to be done".

is a phrase we say everyday as we try each batch of Ice Cream or Sorbet.

Hadleys Brilliantly British ice cream

The secret to making our Individuals/To Share Ice Cream is...

...crack eggs (from Elmsett Game Farm), and whisk together the egg yolks with milk and cream (from Marybelle Dairy), golden caster sugar and a handful of other ingredients to make a custard.

... stir in lovely additions such as melted chocolate (from Pump Street Bakery and Callebaut).  Whip in a rich dulche de leche.  Gently whirl in Pusser's Rum and infused raisins.   Puree fresh raspberries.  Infuse fresh elderflower heads collected from our hedgerows.  Blitz, blend and infuse Lusty Glaze espresso coffee beans (from Hands on Coffee).  Fold in Australian stem ginger.  Split beautifully plump Mexican vanilla pods and infuse.  Freshly chop and toast pecan nuts...

And then,

...churn to freeze and hand fill numerous pots!

Now you know the can pass it on!

What's your flavour?

Caramel & Pecan (*Gold Great Taste Award 2014)
'A lavish, rich and creamy ice cream'

Chocolate (**Gold Great Taste Award 2015)
'Rich chocolate flavour that really tastes of its Grenada origin'

Elderflower & Lime (***Gold Great Taste Award 2014)
'Fresh, grassy, fruity with just the loveliest richness'

Espresso Coffee (**Gold Great Taste Award 2015)
'An espresso hit with just a little bitterness'

Hazelnut (*Gold Great Taste Award 2014)
'A good sound hazelnut flavour'

Lemon Curd (*Gold Great Taste Award 2014)
'Smooth, creamy with a lovely lemon swirl'

Passion Fruit Curd (**Gold Great Taste Award 2015)
'Excellent passion fruit curd flavour and smooth creamy texture'

Pistachio (**Gold Great Taste Award 2014)
'Wonderfully creamy with a deep pistachio flavour'

Raspberries & Cream (*Gold Great Taste Award 2014) 
'Intense raspberry flavour with a good level of sharpness from the fruit'

Rum & Raisin (*Gold Great Taste Award 2011)
Pusser's Rum has a renowned reputation making this fabulously flavoursome

Salted Caramel (***Gold Great Taste Award 2014)
'Luscious and clean tasting. Great level of salt'

Stem Ginger (**Gold Great Taste Award 2014) 
'Chunks of stem ginger provide flavour and real heat in the after taste'

Vanilla (*Gold Great Taste Award 2009)
Mexican vanilla pods slowly release their subtle flavour as they gently infuse