For a simple sumptuous dessert look no further!
These little pots are perfect for parties, fabulous at fetes and wicked at weddings!

Flavours that make their way into the purple pots are those that are 'Specials'.  Look out for new flavours in 2016 made from Scarlett & Mustard's Fruit Curds.

"I love your pots!"
The design of these exquisite little pots is quite stunning and has been admired by designers, competitors and so many customers.

Marie-Helene Jeeves has created stunning 'works of art' for us with the illustrations on these pots - they are masterpieces in their own right!


The secret to making Individual's Ice Cream is...

... quite simply the ingredients! We have taken inspiration from specialist producers around the world, and searched for truly tasty, traditionally-grown or made ingredients - which are so important.

Each flavour of ice cream and sorbet have won Great Taste Awards over the past few years - an achievement of which we are very proud!

But of course we still have to...

...crack eggs, and whisk together the egg yolks with milk, cream, golden caster sugar and a handful of other ingredients to make a custard.
... to this we then stir, whip, whirl, blitz, blend, fold, smash, split, infuse, puree, zest, squeeze, chop, toast, and gently mix the specially selected ingredients...

And then,

...churn to freeze and hand fill lots and lots of these lovely little pots!

Now you know the can pass it on!

What's your flavour?

Ice Cream

Chocolate (**Gold Great Taste Award 2015)
'Different and delicious, that really tastes of its Grenada origin'

Elderflower & Lime (***Gold Great Taste Award 2014)
'Glorious ice cream, sensational texture'

Honeycomb Crunch (**Gold Great Taste Award 2014)
'Lovely contrast in textures from chewy toffee and crisp honeycomb'

Raspberries & Cream (* Gold Great Taste Award 2014)
'Luscious creamy with a terrific punchy tang of raspberries'

Rum & Raisin (**Gold Great Taste Award 2013)
'Richness of the raisins gives this pizazz'

Salted Caramel (***Gold Great Taste Award 2014)
'Salt cuts through the caramel - spot on'

Stem Ginger (**Gold Great Taste Award 2014)
'Chunks of stem ginger provide flavour and heat. Excellent'

Vanilla (*Gold Great Taste Award 2009)
Creamy and rich, flecked with vanilla seeds

Purple Pot Flavour for 2016



Lemon (*Gold Great Taste Award 2014)
'Fresh lemon flavour with a lovely zing'

Mango & Lime (*Gold Great Taste Award 2009)
Smooth and creamy vibrant Alphonse mangoes mixed with a twist of lime

Raspberry (*Gold Great Taste Award 2010)
Raspberries pureed, sieved and gently frozen - refreshingly fruity

Strawberry & Elderflower (*Gold Great Taste Award 2015)
'Creamy but lovely with a fresh aroma and taste'