Every year at the Suffolk Show, I catch up with my friends from my farm secretary days - they bring their families for an Ice Cream or two.

My son is chief Lemon Sorbet taster, and my daughter can soon tell if I have 'tinkered' with the Chocolate Ice Cream.

hadleys our story so far

From a farm secretary, to an Ice Cream maker - it sounded like a good idea at the time!

I began making Ice Cream at our family farm in the beautiful Colne Valley of Essex in 2001 as a way to add value to the milk from our herd of pedigree holstein cows. A rather exciting move for a farm secretary with two very young children...

From small beginnings...

With the help of funding from a Chadacre Agricultural Bursary, I learned the basic skills on an Ice Cream making course at Reading University.

In the years since then I have dedicated myself to learning more, reading many Ice Cream cookery books and gaining knowledge from people who I have met along the way.  Like so many 'kitchen cooks' I have taken inspiration from Elizabeth David, trusty Delia, foodies magazines and websites.  I love to experiment, and have adapted recipes from ideas to create some fabulous flavours (and have had a few disasters too!).

My Ice Creams and Sorbets are literally made by hand, it does take hours of preparation!  With the help of my three local part time ladies, we crack, whisk, stir, whip, chop, toast, zest, juice, squeeze, puree and infuse the ingredients needed before we finally fill the pots and pop them in the freezer.

I have been extremely proud to win many Great Taste Awards over the past few years, which really do mean so much, my goal still being to win a Golden Fork Award.


This is Ice Cream and Sorbet made as it should be!