Pick of the Tops: chocolate sauce is in the number one spot. Fresh fruit drizzle is not far behind. Hundreds and thousands are always a winner!

The most expensive ice cream sundae in the world is served in New York. The price tag is $1000, but apparently you do get a solid gold sundae spoon as a memento!

Ice Cream by Appointment, Bespoke for all occasions - for weddings, events, and parties

Ice Creams by Appointment


Ice Cream by Appointment brings a sprinkle of delicious luxury to your special occasion.

Served as a dessert or as a party treat, give your guests a taste of something truly special.

Find your favourites from our mouth-watering range of flavours and combinations.  Tell us your wedding or party themes and we will suggest bespoke ice creams and sorbets that complement your event's style.  Created, prepared and beautifully served from our vintage Ice Cream Bike or our retro Ice Cream Dub.  And we've Little Sundae options for very young guests too.

For Weddings and Parties

We whist for Weddings, Puree for Parties, Freeze for Friends, Churn for Chums, and infuse celebrations with ice dreamy deliciousness ...